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GroDev Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Proposal:


Solar Energy Campaign


Campaign Objective:


Promote the Alpha ESS 5kW inverter with 3.8kWh battery and 6 x solar panels package with a financing option from Standard Bank.


The goal is to generate leads and conversions for solar energy solutions in Gauteng.


Campaign Messaging:

Power Your Home with Solar Energy - Affordable Financing Available! Go solar with Alpha ESS and Standard Bank. Monthly rates starting from R2456. Limited stock available!


Marketing Channels:

Facebook - Create engaging posts and sponsored ads targeting users in Gauteng interested in renewable energy solutions.



Share informative content about the benefits of solar energy and financing options targeting professionals and businesses in Gauteng. 



Create video ads showcasing the product and financing details.


Google Search:

Run display ads for relevant keywords related to solar energy in Gauteng.


Campaign Details:

  • Budget Allocation:

  • Facebook Ads: R2000

  • LinkedIn Ads: R2000

  • YouTube Ads: R2000

  • Google Ads: R2000

  • Management Free: R 2000


Content Strategy:

Highlight the product and cost


Showcase the Alpha ESS special - Emphasise the financing provided by Standard Bank for easy affordability.


Lead Generation and Conversion:


Use lead generation forms on Facebook and LinkedIn to capture potential customer information.


Drive traffic to a dedicated landing page for product details and financing options. - Implement retargeting campaigns to re-engage with interested leads.


Performance Tracking:

Monitor campaign performance using analytics tools to track leads, conversions, and ROI.


Optimize ad content and targeting based on performance data to maximize results.



With a total monthly budget of R10,000, including management fees, this comprehensive marketing strategy aims to effectively promote the Alpha ESS solar energy package with financing options in Gauteng.


By leveraging multiple digital channels and targeting the right audience, we aim to generate significant interest and conversions for the campaign. 

Social Media Videos:




Social Media Video





















Display Banner:








Landing Page:
















Terms and Condidtions

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