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We at Blooom were excited to work with our new client, Mimshach, to provide comprehensive design, branding, and web development services tailored to their unique offerings in video, drone, and 360 video technology. Our team of experts worked closely with the client to understand their needs and create a cohesive and effective solution.

Starting with the design, we created a unique and visually stunning design that accurately reflected Mimshach's innovative approach to video and aerial technology. We then developed a branding strategy that included a logo, color scheme, and brand guidelines to ensure consistency in their visual identity.

Our team of designers and fabricators also created custom signage solutions that met the client's specific requirements, focusing on elements that highlight the video, drone, and 360 video services. We provided exterior and interior signs, wayfinding and directional signs, illuminated signs, and other types of signs that helped Mimshach communicate their message effectively and stand out in the technology market.

Finally, we designed and developed a website that was optimized for search engines and provided a seamless user experience. The website was fully responsive and showcased Mimshach's products and services in an attractive and user-friendly manner, with particular emphasis on their video, drone, and 360 video capabilities.

We are proud of the work we have done for our new client, Mimshach, and we look forward to helping them grow and thrive in the dynamic field of video and aerial technology.

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